Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Extended 4th of July Weekend

I had a nice long weekend: Wednesday through Sunday.
It sure was hard coming back on Monday.

Highlights of my long weekend:

-Spending extra time with O.
-Buying a new dining room set.
-Spending 4th of July with family and friends.
-Several days of swimming with little one.
-Playing in bounce houses at a place that allows parents to enter with their kids.
-Watching "Magic Mike" with my girlfriend, Sarah, who is back in Nac again!

Only lows is visiting my friend, M, in the ER and seeing her so sad and sick.

New recipes I've tried:

Chocolate Chili - I made this for the 4th of July and took it over to the Aunt and Uncle's house.
Mango Lime Fruit Leather - O wasn't into this. *sigh* She wouldn't even bite it. I guess she wasn't too into the texture before giving it a taste test.
Mediterranean Pasta with Artichokes, Olives, and Tomatoes - This was quite delicious to me

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