Monday, February 06, 2012


May I start out with how miserable I am with today being Monday and having to be here in this office right now?

On a less miserable note, I had a pretty decent weekend.

Weekend Highlights:

-Went shopping in Lufkin and got some essentials and non-essentials. I'm happy that I have restocked some of my body sprays from Victoria's Secret. It was a plus that my scents were on sale too. I didn't even bother with looking at all the slinky, lacy unmentionables. I feel like a fat girl and I cannot be bothered with frilly stuffs for my person right now.

-Finally, seeing and spending a little time with the aunt, uncle, and cousin. We were invited over for an early dinner of chicken and pork adobo and stuffed pablano peppers. Everything was so delicious! I love adobo!

Weekend Foods:

-I made a tasty banana nut bread minus the nuts and the addition of chocolate chips. We took it over to the aunt's house and left it there so we wouldn't eat the whole thing that night.

-Saturday morning, K brought home Mr. Will's french toast meals and a giant breakfast burrito. It was all tasty and hit the spot, especially, the thick chocolate milk he surprised me with too.

-I already mentioned the adobo!

-We ventured out to Szechuan's and it was pretty tasty. It was nice not going to a Chinese buffet or to the local fast food Chinese restaurant.

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