Monday, August 15, 2011

Project Yard

For a long time ive wanted to beautify my yard with plants, flowers, and landscaping in general.

However, I really do not excel in this area and the suffocating heat gives me no motivation to work in my yard.

Also, the dogs have ruined the yard completely near and around the patio. There's nothing but sand now and no grass to be seen. I hate the sand so much and don't know how to fix it or beautify it.

All I have left, I guess, is to decorate or make my yard as tacky as possible. When I look out there I want my eyes to be busy with looking around and enjoying the view, instead of fixating on everything that is wrong with it.

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1 comment:

KB said...

That's a good plan. My yard is only 1/4 nice. That's the part I focus on. When the 5 feet tall weeds in the upper yard and the stupid mosaic wall made by the ex up front make me cringe, I just walk to my little corner.


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