Monday, October 11, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

It's friggin' October, y'all!

I mean, seriously, when did so many days blur past until it's almost the end of another year?

The good part about it being October is I'm hoping the weather will start to get cooler and the miserable heat of summer will be behind us soon. I didn't know what I was agreeing to many moons ago when I dumbly nodded my head yes to moving to Texas with my new husband.

Recently, I have been daydreaming about family walks in the evenings after dinner. However, when it starts to really be cold our butts will probably be in the house and not budging towards the evening chill. After living in this heat for many years I am no longer able to survive temperatures that go lower than 50. I am weak now, y'all.

At least for this winter I now have a great warming accessory and it's called, a baby. She gives off tons of heat! We will Eskimo kiss and keep each other warm and when we aren't enough we'll add daddy to do a family heat huddle.

My anticipation of the cold weather is making me giddy. And hungry. Is that normal?


Michelle said...

At least you have the excuse of never having lived here before the move. I ask myself that same question all the time, for various reasons.

I LOVE this weather!!!

KB said...

This is my 3rd winter being back up in Oregon and I am finally feeling like I can take the winter. Just visit me in the summer. ;)

Zay said...

Michelle, lets keep those fingers crossed in that this nice weather just keeps getting cooler and stay that way. :)

Kealy, I will keep you in mind for couch surfing for future vacation plans. :)


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