Monday, September 13, 2010

Not Dead

I have been so terrible with blogging here these days. I am determined to keep this blog going but my lack of attempts says otherwise.

What have I been up to?

-I am trying to get back into shape and I am sucking majorily at this. One it's because I am out of shape and two it's because I have become lazy or more fairly most days I am exhausted.

-Some of you have guessed that K and I have added an addition to our family. This is correct. We are enjoying parenthood to its fullest and once again we are exhausted.

-I have been waiting for dear friends to deliver their wee ones so we can start up a stroller club. One of my friends, C, did deliver this Saturday!! A precious little girl!

-I am hoping for another friend to possibly have a Wednesday baby. If it was going to be a girl I would hope they'd name her, Wednesday, but it'll be a boy. :)

-Trying to get used to having a whole new routine and making it work as smoothly as possible.

Well, that is about it, y'all. As you can see it's not so much as I'm dead or lazy. I'm just...well...exhausted. :) And no it's not a great excuse but it's what I'm going with for now. I'm hoping to be able to do a fun project soon and perhaps document it here.

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