Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I live!!

This past weekend was a fun one. K and I actually had a late night out and about. It felt freeing but I found myself constantly looking at my watch and feeling guilty for being out so late. I guess that feeling will eventually disappear as time goes on.

I got off of work a little early on Friday so as soon as I got home my mom and I decided to grocery shopping for the weekend. We also brought T's Sandwiches take out home for dinner. Mom has become a fan of T's Sandwiches too.

Saturday, I made a quick trip to Claire's Boutique and was able to buy birthday gifts for a 3 yr old, 17 yr old, and a 28 yr old. Ha. Perfect! I like one stop shopping. It's probably why I cannot totally stop from going to places like Wal-Mart and Target.

I attended Rees' birthday party at her church's life center where she had a huge bouncy house indoors. Unfortunately, the a/c wasn't working and all the adults were melting. The kids, though, didn't notice the temperature and were perfectly happy to enjoy in Rees' 3rd birthday, get high on sugar, and jump in the bouncy house. If I didn't think I would hurt small children I would have gotten into the bouncy house too.

That evening we attended a roast for a friend turning 40. It was held in Ruby's backyard where the adults melted some more. I ask myself, on these occasions, why we choose to live somewhere that is so painfully hot. By the time we left for home Tread's kiddy pool was polluted by a naked Jimmy and then later I heard by a naked Tracy. I know it's hot y'all but stay out of the kiddy pool! :)

It was a really great time seeing some old friends from way back when. One of the highlights was when my old four-plex neighbor Shannon brought up her deceased father. There was a recorded game of the Rockets playing that had sentimental value to Rockets' fans. Shannon mentioned that her dad has been gone for 15 years and that it was nice to see that game because she knew on that night her dad was in the audience working the game as  an HPD officer.

I told Shannon, "ya know, I bet K's daddy would have known your daddy since K's dad is retired from HPD. K ended up calling his dad (it was his birthday too!) around midnight and asked about Shannon's dad and wouldn't ya know it K's daddy knew who we were talking about. He told K to put Shannon on the phone so he could talk to her.

After the conversation Shannon was smiling and almost teary eyed and said that was so awesome to talk to K's dad. She repeated that K's dad said, "Girl, you come from good stock." :)

Sunday was a day spent at home lying on the living room floor playing with Omo. It was hard facing another Monday but I did.

Monday was hard but what I had to look forward to was meeting up with my girls in order to celebrate Chrissy's 28th with her! Boy, I am definitely surrounded by Leos. :) Miss Chay organized all of us gals into Ruby's house and got everyone's orders for a sushi lunch. She also brought homemade blueberry pie with the choice of vegan or regular ice cream.

It's too bad everyone had to go back to work or appointments and what not. I would have been content to just unbutton my jeans after a filling lunch and sit around for a spell and just hang with the gals.

I'll mention my little cousin, Katie, too who also had a birthday on Monday. She turned the big 1-7! I cannot believe she's already 17, y'all.

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Ruby said...

Shannon told me about that phone call to Kreg's dad the next day. It really is an awesome story; it meant a lot to her!


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