Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Preparing for the Weekend

If it continues to rain tomorrow like it did this morning I'm hoping for many naps with O. Lately, I have been feeling so tired but I think it mostly has to do with the weather. I've been having some sinus pressure which has left me with a headache for almost a week now.

I'm taking some days off to make this holiday weekend a long one. My mom will be here this weekend so I'm pretty excited about that. I hope Omo hasn't forgotten her yet or Nana's feelings will be hurt. :)

Some of K's family is coming into town too so it's going to be a busy weekend and perhaps a crowded house. The majority will stay at the aunt and uncle's but we might get some of the spill over.

I am desperately trying to find quick and easy dinner recipes on-line. I have found some keepers but it's hard to find ones that I know for sure we'll be excited about to add to our menu. And it seems so many slow cooker recipes that involve meat have you cooking the meat before you slow cook it. I feel like that defeats the whole purpose of "quick and easy." I want to slice and dice and just throw stuff into the slow cooker, plug it in, and then come home to deliciousness.

I have a bag of blueberries provided by an aunt and a blueberry pie recipe provided by Mary. I'm hoping the two will meet soon!

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KB said...

I'm having the same problem. I have my few standard quick and easy dishes ... burritos, tofu and broccoli ... but I get burnt out and lost on what to cook next.


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