Friday, January 01, 2010

Goodbye 2009

Looking back at 2009:

Jan 2009 - I recognized a stray dog in my neighborhood and was able to round up the pup and take her back to her home. I was so happy to be able to save a pet owner grief over losing their pet.

I discovered T's Sandwiches at the Nac Mall and was thrilled to discover they sold vietnamese pho and boba tea. I was literally in hog heaven.

My first time going to the Durst-Taylor House for cane sugar syrup and pancakes. The MRTs picked me up and introduced me to this Nac tradition. I enjoyed the hot chocolate the most and trying to shake the hell out of some cream and make it into butter.

Feb 2009 - Participating and attending my first progressive dinner suprise birthday party for the senior MRT and Marty.

Attending one of my favorite Valentine's events at Amy's yoga studio...err...I mean The Mystic Lounge.

March 2009 - Our friends Ron & Julie delivered their beautiful son, Joey, into the world.

My first visit to an IKEA and boy was that place awesome.

Found a gorgeous blue diamond ring from Rees Jewelry, which replaced my wedding ring. Happy early anniversary to me!

Attended a felting workshop with Mary and Chay at the downtown Art Gallery.

April 2009 - Used a circular loom for the first time and made a hat!!

Finding out big news about Momo!

May 2009 - Home improvement project leads us to put up a privacy fence! I'm so happy that we have an enclosed yard.

I got an instructor position to teach a weight lifting fitness class for an employee wellness program at the university called, Pump It Up.

Greg invited me to go dewberry/blackberry picking. I hadn't done this in years and it made me very happy.

Visited Boykin Springs for the first time with Mary and Chrissy. I love swimming holes and picnic lunches.

Celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary with K.

NacLuau/Idol!!! K, Brad, Ruby, and I got first place in the backyard talent show. We are bad ass!

June 2009 - My first trip to Ratcliff Lake with Mary. We lounged, ate a picnic lunch, and had a paddleboat adventure.

Dizzy our beloved kitty passed away.

July 2009 - Matt T was in a pretty bad car wreck and thank goodness he walked away without much injury.

Attended a fun slip and slide party at Merci and Tracy's.

August 2009 - Attended Amy & Chrissy's literary reading at the yoga studio. I was able to donate to the the Nac Animal Shelter and also leave with a vegan fudge pecan pie.

Birthday bashes galore: Chrissy's bday party at her casa, Katie's sweet 16, and K's big bash in H-Town.

September 2009 - Painted the town (well really the Fredonia) with Jiffy and Christina. We also ran into Marty & Kendal. We hadn't been to the Fredonia in ages and it was awesome to see everyone. Greg, Brooks, Shay, and more were there too.

Celebrated Brad's bday at the bowling alley where for the first time I got three strikes in a row! I had two more strikes that night and I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

Went to The Woodlands for consultation and check up for Momo. Was glad when all this nerve wracking stuff was over.

I received a letter from the Nac Library informing me that the Crafty Renegades had presented to them The Beckoning Cat in memory of Dizzy. I have fabulous friends.

Had homeowner woes due to plumbing issues that was thankfully an easy fix and not too heavy on the wallet.

October 2009 - Attended the movie Whip It with like nine other ex-roller derby girlfriends. It was awesome to see the cheesy movie with a group of friends who whooped and hollered thru out the movie.

Sarah and Matt came into town and we got to eat lunch with them. We miss those two!

Attended Merci & Tracy's annual Halloween Party. I always have an awesome time at this event.

MIL hosted a shower for Momo in H-Town. It was a lovely event.

November 2009 - We bought our very first minivan! We are so not cool! :) We are also for the first time in our 16 years of marriage owners of two vehicles instead of just one.

I entered an online contest and won a free cookbook!! I never win stuff!

One of my friends had a sister who passed away after her long fight with cancer.

I celebrated my bday with good friends and we all gathered into the minivan to head to Lufkin to watch New Moon.

I got a new dresser for Momo's room thanks to my parents.

Mary hosted an awesome shower for Momo. Thank you, friend!!

December 2009 - It snowed for like 1o minutes. :)

Lots of furniture juggling occured this month. We got rid of two desks and acquired one smaller desk. We put together a twin bed we got from Marty earlier this year, a king bed for our bedroom, and a daybed with trundle for the computer room.

Matt T has back surgery and is still recuperating from it.

Entered another online contest and won another book!!

For the second time had our brick mailbox rebuilt after it being hit by a car. First time was two years ago when FIL backed into it with MIL's minivan. The second time it was hit by an anonymous driver (jerk) and then the mailbox was hit again by a plumber. The second hit did the trick in really breaking the mailbox.

NYE is spent at the Runnel's where bacon sammiches were ingested and I drank just about a whole bottle of SHAMpagne on my own. :)


Chrissy said...

It sounds like you had a great year, and I am honored to have been a part of it! Looking forward to rocking OH TEN with you!

Mary T said...

Me too--I am so proud to have been part of your year and your life. OH TEN will not know what hit it when Beautiful Momo arrives on the scene! :) XOXO


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