Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weekend before Xmas

It's my last day at work and I'm getting out of here at noon. Whee!

K and I will be getting our xmas presents for each other today. We're getting iphones. Yes, we have finally succumbed like everyone else. I hope the phone rocks because my black jack II is a pretty stellar phone.

My weekend report:

Friday evening I attended my department's commissioning ceremony and didn't get off of work until around 6:15/30. K and I hit a fast food place to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to a Xmas Open House of a friend's parent's home. That was unfortunate since they had a lot of good food to sample from but we really didn't know what to expect. We stayed at the Langley's for quite a while and enjoyed seeing everyone.

Saturday was a day spent relaxing for a while and then getting on my serious face for some last minute Xmas shopping. K took care of grocery shopping so he could buy some ingredients to make a casserole for the MRTs and when he got back I hit the streets to spend some money. When I got home K had made two Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti for us and one for the MRTs. The house smelled so good! I have a fantastic husband.

That evening we had plans to visit Ron and Julie as K, D, and R hung out doing guy things. J and I hung out talking about this and that as she wrangled her (I think he is around 8 months) son Joey. Joey flirted with me for most of the night. Heh.

Sunday I took some time to head on over to the MRTs to deliver their casserole and hand over some xmas gifties. That evening we had dinner plans over at the aunt and uncles. The aunt made tortilla soup and vegetarian chili. It was all outstanding. I even had two pieces of pumpkin pie for dessert. Mmm.

It was a weekend filled with family and friends and those are the best kind of weekends.

Now it's almost Christmas and I'll be able to further delight myself with friends and family. I love this being my last day of work until the new year arrives. :)

Merry Christmas!!


Chrissy said...

I'm glad you're getting out of work early today! It sounds like you had a great weekend. I miss you! <3

Zay said...

Chrissy, I miss you too!! Also, I love the digicard! It was so darn adorable. :)


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