Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday

Lordy lordy...I am getting lazy with my blog. I've noticed I'm just a weekend blogger now and no longer provide photos. I feel bad about this but in the same breath not enough to make any promises how I'll right things around here.

I figure if I want to be lazy then I can because darn it it's my blog.

Now that's out of the way I'll get to the blogging portion.

Y'all. Listen. It's already December 1st!! What?? Seriously. What am I? Am I like 70 now to where when I blink my eyes five months pass instead of a milli-second??

Well, I guess my only consolation of it being December is chilly weather, hot cocoa, and Xmas lights and music!

My neighbors across the street had their xmas decorations up the day before Thanksgiving. Did I point and make fun of them? Yes. Did I secretly enjoy and delight in the lights and bizarro inflatable parade on their lawn? Yes.

If I could have it my way xmas lights would be up all year round. It's the raccoon in me. I cannot help it. I love all things shiny. Well, except perhaps like gold lame fabric.

We went to HTown for Turkey Day to spend with K's parents and family. There were a couple of houses that went all out with xmas decorations. There was a house one street over that was greatly done to where you wonder what their electricity bill is like. They even had a sign that guided you to tune it to a radio station. I guess they had their xmas lights in sync with some music being broadcasted on the particular station. I never got a chance to test out the station and watch the lights.

It was nice traveling to HTown in the Sienna. I had to almost swivel all the way around in my seat just so I could see Toby in his kennel way in the back of the van. There was so much room. It was awesome.

We did Thanksgiving at an uncle's house and without the grandparents there and two other uncles, aunt, and some cousins it felt pretty sparse. However, we all made the best of it and enjoyed the holiday.

I miss back in the day where K and I would go to the movies with his parents. Every holiday a movie theater visit or movie rentals was involved and maybe even chinese take out. For whatever reason we don't do those things any more, which felt like tradition long ago.

We came home Saturday and spent the rest of the day organizing all the things we had brought back and getting all the wash done. That evening we stayed up way too late just enjoying the creature comforts of our home.

Sunday, I actually left the house and spent time with M & C for an impromptu crafting session in M's newly reorganized crafting room. I drank too much coffee but enjoyed a piece of pumpkin pie way too much. It was the only piece I had for Thanksgiving.

K and I had an awesome dinner that involved left over turkey and I was so miserably and blissfully full that evening.

I fixed K breakfast Monday morning and packed his lunch for him and sent him off to work. I took the day off and spent almost the whole day in my pj's. I did eventually shower and I even vacuumed. I crafted, DSi'ed, tv watched, wrangled puppies, and even made a yummy dinner for K and I.

Oh! Also, I ordered this dresser for the extra room, which was gifted to us from my parents.

So, now...I'm waiting for xmas vacation. :)


Chrissy said...

Nice dresser! I need one like that for Nathan.
Also, you make up for lack of photos with lots of funny. Great recap!

KB said...

Sweet dresser!


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