Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fabulous Labor Day Weekend

Oh lord. I know we are starting the work week on a Tuesday so I really shouldn't complain. However, I'm good at complaining. I really don't want to be in the office today. I can barely keep my eyes open and so focusing on any one thing is pretty tough right now. The three day weekend was enjoyed, especially the mornings where I got to sleep past 7 a.m. Okay, I guess I'll stop complaining for a little while and document my weekend.

It wasn't a super exciting event filled weekend but it was really relaxed with a smattering of hanging with friends and family. I'll start off with Thursday since there was a special surprise that occurred for K and I.

Thursday evening K and I hit up one of our favorite Mexican restaurants called Mexico Lindo. I love their tortas and horchata! We were seated for not even five minutes before David walked through the door. He had just gotten off of work and was still a bit dusty/dirty from hanging doors all day. It was a pleasure to be able to have dinner with him.

Friday evening K and I ran a couple of errands and one of them being going to Chay's so that I could pick up some items from her. Thanks again, Chay!! :) After running to and fro we decided to have dinner at Mr. Will's which is just down the way from our house. It's usually a pretty nice atmosphere where you feel like you can get away and almost feel like you are in another town. When we got home we hunkered down and watched the first three episodes of Mad Men from season 1. I didn't know how I'd feel about the series but K and I really enjoyed the shows.

Saturday, I woke up early and knocked out exercising me and the dogs, household chores, and a chat with my mom. I also somewhat tackled the closet in the guest room. However, I didn't get very far. At this point it is difficult to figure out where the heck I'm supposed to transfer that stuff to and whether or not I should just chunk it. I already know that I just really don't feel like putting on a garage sale. I keep wondering how in the world I've so completely filled up this house. This is still currently an on-going project for me. I have yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That evening we met up with friends at the Fredonia. Jiffy emailed to let us know she and Christina would be there that evening. We also got Greg and Brooks to go. As soon as we got there we ran into Marty and Kendal too. It was a great gathering! It almost felt like the old times when we would get started on our evening late. We got there at 9 p.m. knowing that the girls would start the evening at 10. I lasted until about 11:45 and decided I wanted to go home where K and I decided to eat queso and chips at midnight. Ha.

Sunday was a super lazy day. I actually slept in and gave myself a day off from exercise. I lounged in my pj's for most of the day. I even caught a couple of goofy chic flicks on HBO like "27 Dresses" and "P.S. I love You." It wasn't until around 4 or so that I headed over to Mary's at her request to check out some of her clothes that she was giving up. I scored two pairs of jeans and two tops. I also scored some yummy toast with her newly made strawberry freezer jam. The freezer jam was fabulous and so was sitting with Mary on her outdoor swing as we chatted and snacked. What was supposed to have been a quick visit ended up being an almost three hour hang out session.

I left there around 6:45 and headed home to basically get a little refreshed and take K and myself over to Chay's. She and hubby host Mad Men nights at their place and K and I went just to hang out with chums and eat yummy treats. I ate a ton of watermelon that night and also crackers with goat cheese and smoked salmon.

Monday was Labor Day, of course, and after K made us a fabulous breakfast I decided to bake a cake. I made Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake that is always a hit and so wonderfully easy to make. I think I also blanch every time I have to use that much butter in one recipe but I guess that is why it's always a hit. We spent the holiday with family and friends over at the aunt and uncle's house. As always we ate very well and that also seems to be the theme for this whole weekend. :) I do like my eats.


Chrissy said...

lady, your weekends are downright inspirational. :)

Zay said...

inspirational? well, i thank you but i find my weekends to be more filling than anything else. :) weekend, get in my belly! ha

KB said...

You made it a good one.


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