Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday Bowling Bash

I'm doing my best in trying to face another Monday and upcoming week. I have no complaints about the cool wet weather or all the fabulous rain we got over the weekend. We hired another lawn care service and with all this rain I feel like we'll definitely get our money's worth this month.

I'm feeling a bit groggy this morning but that's from only getting about five hours of sleep. I really need to learn to not go to bed around or past midnight. Even though I got minimal sleep last night the two nights before I slept in until around 900 one morning and 945 another morning! Of course, on both mornings there was no sunshine coming through my blinds and the pitter patter of rain was heavenly and a great lullaby.

Some of the highlights from my weekend:

-Meeting friends at the bowling alley on Saturday night to celebrate Brad's birthday. I haven't been bowling in a very long time as my wrist and forearm can attest to and I think even my thumb is a bit grumbly too. Y'all. My first roll was a strike. That was followed by two more strikes!! I got my first turkey!! I messed up my streak after the first three strikes and got something like a seven and then a spare and then followed that up with two more consecutive strikes.

I rocked those lanes. I attribute it to singing Grease 2's "Let's bowl" song before we arrived on the scene.

By the time we played the second game my throwing arm had it but I managed one more strike and I think I might even had the highest score when it was all over. I don't know if I can really say that I won, though, because I think the majority of my fellow bowlers had at least a pitcher or two each in them.

We left the lanes for calmer pastures and went to Ruby's because we weren't quite done hanging out just yet. We stayed for a while enjoying the company before calling it quits and taking my swaying husband home. Oh, good times. :)

I regret not bringing my camera because there were so many photo opp moments that evening. The one I really wish I had that I cannot get out of my mind and still laugh over is when Ruby, the method actor she is, was leaning back with both her legs up in the air in order to tell me about her birthing story. Ha!

-This particular weekend highlight was not an action packed friend filled adventure. However, it was a moment in my weekend where I found some GO Juice and emptied out several boxes in my garage! Oh buddy how I danced over this small accomplishment. Yay me!

-I managed a bit of cooking on Sunday that made me feel good. I hadn't made a veggie pot pie in forever so I whipped that up for our Sunday dinner. I had forgotten how good it is. Luckily, there were enough leftovers for K and I to enjoy it again for our lunches. Also, I made the Korean dish I highlighted in my last post. OMG. It was so good!


Chrissy said...

I still can't get over what a great game your bowled! It was amazing.
And yes, my wrist was all sore yesterday and I thought maybe I did something to it in yoga. It took me about half a day to remember all the bowling. Doh!

Michelle said...

Thanks for this post! You've reminded me that there is another fun thing actually here in town that we can do with Sage. Sounds like it was a blast!

Btw, I tend to roll a couple of strikes, and then it's gutter all the way after that...go figure.

KB said...

I don't need a photo, I can picture Ruby doing that in my head.


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