Monday, July 06, 2009

A good ole' 4th of July

I must say I was not looking forward to waking up this morning to face Monday. I especially was a bit cranky about it because Josie, the thunder hater, was in quite a panic to get into our bedroom early this morning. She finally whined her way in about five minutes before my alarm went off. *sigh* It's too bad she is so afraid of thunder and rain because I sure do love it.

We had a long weekend with family for the 4th of July holiday. The honey and I took Friday off and did a little bit of house cleaning before I left to teach my Pump It Up class. When I got back home I had enough time to lounge for a bit and shower before we got the phone call that all of the family had arrived. I finished my last task of pumping up the air mattress and making it up with clean sheets and pillows before heading out the door to start the festivities.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was basically filled with drinking, eating, and swimming. Oh my...there was so much food! It was nice hanging with everyone and getting hugs from the little cousins. One great quote from the six year old when he was asking a question of an aunt: "Hey do you have any good music like Nickelback?" Very cute even though the kid has no taste in "good" music. Ha. If you happen to like Nickelback so sorry...FOR YOU. :)

I think I had my fill of watermelon for the weekend too and that's hard to do with me since I love it so much.

This weekend also had a bit of bad along with the good. A good friend of my aunt's had her mom pass away. I'm so very sad for her and family. Also, the MRT's truck was demolished in a car wreck but luckily the mister was not hurt. He got banged up but is healthy and good. I'm so happy to learn that the MRT family is well.


Chrissy said...

this was a weekend of high highs and low lows. i am also glad everyone is healthy and whole, and that you ate so much watermelon. watermelon... mmm...

Zay said...

Chrissy, I ever tell you how much I lovers you? Well, I do. :)

Mary T said...

Sorry we were a low point in your weekend, but I too am relieved about healthy and wholeness. I promise we'll be more of uppers in the weekends to come. Also, Molly also freaked about the thunder, which I like. Poor old puppies. :(


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