Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

What a marvelous long weekend I just had. Is it greedy of me to wish I could do it over again? :)

I took Friday off from work and lounged around for a bit. I did manage to get in a good workout at 11 a.m. an hour before I had to go in and teach a weight training class. The class went fast and then I was on my way home for a nice hot shower. I had plans to meet up with F and she and I headed towards Lufkin where we shopped at:

Big Lots: 2 long citronella candles with bamboo stakes
Target: my favorite Archer Farms Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti Granola Cereal, toilet paper, Hello Kitty band-aids, hair stuff
Payless: Cute espadrille wedges that look sort of like this style but in tans, browns, and blues.
Best Buy: Nintendo DSi stuff for K per his request

We finally returned to Nac with our shopping bags and rumbling bellies. K and I met up with D & F for TexMex that evening. After dinner K and I went home and sat for a little while before getting a call from B. He asked K if he was available to rehearse. The Nac Luau/Idol is this upcoming Saturday! We went over there for a while and R and I chatted as the guys rehearsed their piece for the show. We left late that evening so that R & B could get their rest.

Saturday a.m. K and I slept until 9 a.m. and boy was that a great feeling. K bought us breakfast sandwiches and donuts to start off our anniversary. I saved my chocolate eclair for later in the day because my breakfast sandwich was really satisfying.

We planned to spend the day in Lufkin and catch a movie, shop, and eat. Kind of like how I spent my day with F. Heh. K and I watched "Terminator Salvation." We shopped a little in the mall and I ended up with several things from Hot Topic. An early dinner was spent at UFO Pizza. Damn, that pizza is so good.

Once again I found myself at Best Buy and this time I got something for myself there. I bought the Wii Active. F told me the game actually had her sweating so it made me curious enough to buy it.

That evening K and I lounged at home and we watched "The Wrestler." It was a good movie but awfully depressing.

Sunday was a day spent at home. I played the Wii Active for about 35 minutes and boy did I work up a sweat. My legs are a little sore from the squats, side lunges, inline skate ramp jumping, and running. I played my Nintendo DS Lite for quite a while. K gave me a game to try out and it was pretty addictive and fun.

We finally watched, "Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian." I really enjoyed it. Dunno why it took us forever to finally watch it.

Monday was another lazy day and the last day of freedom. Taking the dogs for a walk was the most productive thing I did on this day. Well, I did laundry too and also vacuumed the house and furniture. So, never mind, I wasn't a total slob. :)

I watched two episodes of "True Blood." K got me season one since he noticed I was flying through the books.

Well, there you have it. My long weekend. Pretty boring, no? Yeah, it kind of was and I really really loved it.

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KB said...

Nac Idol?! My favorite Nacogdoches Social function EVER! Someone please wear coconuts in my honor.

I want more wii games. Maybe I'll start saving my pennies.


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