Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's Saturday night and I've spent several hours by now on my couch. It's been a really awesome day. Granted it rained for most of the day but it didn't take anything away for me. I enjoy rainy days. I started the day with a good talk with my mom on the phone. I had two cups of coffee and about five trips to the bathroom this morning. TMI? I knocked out a great three mile run at the gym to be followed by a free yoga class. I also ran balls out for my car in a huge downpour. I was soaked and ready to get home for a hot shower. K is cooking up salmon burgers for our dinner and I'm thankful for a hubby who can cook delicious foods. I'll leave y'all with some photos from my day. None of the photos are from my productive morning. They are from my lazy relaxed afternoon when the rain stopped and the sky cleared.

K and I love gumball toys. It's a frivolous addiction.

Powerlines on my street.

All of my plants appreciated the rain drops.

Grocery store findings.

I love my neighborhood.

Backyard Privacy...I haz some.

I love cacti. They are hardy boogers around this plant killer (moi).

Empty birdcage soon to be filled with plants.

Thanks for looking. Excuse me while I stare at my sparkly. Bye!


Chrissy said...

great photos! does this mean your fence is up now? it looks awesome!

Zay said...

no fence yet...the fence guy will be here in about a week and a half. the wooden fence i showed are tall partitions that give us privacy while we hang out on the patio.

amy said...

man oh man i love that ring!

KB said...

nice shots!


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