Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet Spring

Oh sweet sunshine there you are again! I've missed you.

It's the start of spring break vacation and I'm lucky enough to enjoy it as a university employee. I began my first day of it staying in bed until 10 a.m. It was tough but I managed to do it.

I visited some friends in the hospital today. I got to visit their new baby boy. Joey is beautiful and the parents are exhausted and proud. I can't even imagine what is going through their heads now.

K and I enjoyed some of the sunshine today by sharing an outside project. My girly, Marty, gave me a twin bed with metal frames. I took the metal frames and sanded them, wiped them down, and coated them with an anti rusting agent type of primer. K took the project over and has them coated with a sky blue color. We're just waiting for it all to dry now. I can't wait to put it all together in the guest room.


Chrissy said...

ah. so that's what it's going to be! serves me right for reading posts in reverse. :)

KB said...

Ha! I did the same thing, Chrissy.

My spring break officially started this morning. I was so ready and am going to enjoy every moment of it.


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