Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy is:

-Drinking coffee and eating snacks at Mary T's.
-Sitting between two snoring dogs as they twitch and chase squirrels in their dreams.
-Crocheting at Ruby's studio while being surrounded by happy loud people.
-Shopping at some favorite haunts in Lufkin with Franzi.
-Starting and finishing a project as soon as I commit to doing it.
-Kissing and caressing K whenever we cross each other's paths in the house.
-Waking up late in the morning on a week day knowing it's still vacation time.
-Enjoying the daylight past 7 p.m.
-Taking a long shower with no worries about having to be somewhere.
-Watching everything in my yard bloom as spring hits us full force.


Mary T said...

Aww! All this stuff makes me happy, too, except making out with K, of course! ha ha. :)

Zay said...

mary...ha! :)

KB said...

Oh happy days! Spring is just starting here. I feel like I'm thawing out physically and mentally.


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