Monday, March 09, 2009

An Awesome Themed Weekend

How many times can I use the word awesome? What can I say. It was just one of those kinds of weekends.

-A dinner date with my honey at a greasy joint was awesome as we made moon eyes at one another from across the table.

-Another date with the boy took us to the theaters to see "Watchmen," which was awesome and well worth sitting there for three hours. Sharing nachos and super greasy popcorn was an added awesome factor and I think this was the case because neither of us had breakfast or dinner yet.

-A big bowl of rice soup for dinner at Peking's was delicious and awesome.

-Waiting and waiting around for an old chum to visit never happened. However, an impromptu gathering of friends at C&S's was an awesome way to end the day.

-The decision to get out of the house to deliver dvd's to C was so worth it and an awesome hour spent alone with her, since I rarely get the chance to do so.

-My last trip was to D&F's to visit them and their puppy Loki. It was an awesome end to my day since I love me some D&F and who doesn't love puppies??

-Arrived home where K had made us spaghetti and bruschetta bread for dinner. Awesome!


Chaybee said...

Awww.. I had a super time with you too! Thanks for the DVDs! I'll take good care of them!

KB said...

You know how to fill in a weekend.

Chrissy said...

I second Kealy's comment. Everytime I feel accomplished, I come to your blog and my mouth drops open. :)
Also - you can never have too much awesome!


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