Monday, February 09, 2009

la la weekend

List of weekend fun:

-Hanging out with my honey Friday night. We went out for dinner, roamed around Hastings, and then went home to watch Toys Are Us: A Revolution in Plastic. I recommend this documentary!

-Getting to chill a bit and read my CRAFT magazine and also Real Simple mag that I had bought from Hastings. It's been a while since I've bought magazines.

-K downloaded 20 episodes of The Guild on our 360 and we watched every episode while giggling the whole time. OMG! If you are a gamer or more specifically a WoWer then you'll get these webisodes. I hope Season 3 is available like tomorrow.

-I called Friday to set up an appt. for a haircut and my stylist squeezed me in the next day for an early a.m. trim. I love my stylist. If he didn't love me back it would have been a four week wait. Yikes! I <3 haircuts.

-I wouldn't exactly call it fun that I stayed in the kitchen for a number of hours on Saturday to cook and bake for S & C, but it did bring me much delight to be able to help them out by feeding them. This really appeals to the Korean in me. Ha. My mom would be so proud. They were so appreciative of the meal that I would do it again.

-M & K brought me a twin bed with a cool frame. Thanks so much! I need to go and buy some primer and spray paint to get it all purtied up before putting it in the guest room.

-My friend Jeffy organized a flag football game (Snowball Bowl '09) at the campus stadium for Sunday afternoon. I went to watch and cheer everyone on. It was a pretty entertaining show of the various skill levels displayed on the field. :)

-I rode my scooter for the first time in I don't know how long. It was marvelous.

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KB said...

I <3 haircuts on other people ... they always look so bad on me. I'll stick with the ponytail look.


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