Monday, February 23, 2009

here it be...

It's been a little while since I last blogged and recently it's just been hard to find something to jot down. I'll sit here looking at this blank screen wondering what the hell to type and every time I form a sentence or two I'm annoyed enough with it to just erase it and then desert the blog.

So, I guess I'm going to try and leave up whatever dribble gets typed here.

I did have a good weekend. It was more relaxing than anything and sometimes those are the best weekends.

Friday night I had K take me out to dinner. Afterward, we went to Walgreens where I did my usual impulse shopping by acquiring the Strap Perfect bra clips. I don't know if it adds more cleavage or not but it's actually comfortable and not once had I needed to pull my bra straps up where they belong. I don't know why but I always end up having bra straps that always creep down my shoulders. It's so annoying. So yay for straps that stay where they belong!

When we got home I walked to the end of my street where there was a birthday party being thrown for SoLow one of my old derby friends. SoLow's mom lives on my street so it was nice to be able to walk down and see everyone to say hello.

Saturday morning I took the dogs for a 50 minute walk. When we started it was sprinkling a bit and when we ended our walk we just beat the rain that finally came down. When I got home K took off for the grocery store and I got cleaned up. I ended up going to an estate sale that Chay's mom was having at her jewelry store. There were a couple of pieces that I liked but I guess I didn't like them enough to plunk down the money. Mary and her friend Jo came by too and after perusing all the shiny goods we three left for the MRT's. It was supposed to be a crafternoon and Jo and Mary did craft but I snacked and chatted. We were soon visited by the adventuring duo Chrissy and Nate. They both looked tired but satisfied after their very fit weekend.

I had to leave after a while to get home and get ready for our dinner date with Ron, Julie, and D&F. Man, we had such good food. Julie made these delicious baked acorn squashes stuffed with wild rice, maybe mushrooms, and cheese. K made our cream cheese corn dish and he also baked a strawberry-rhubarb cake. D&F made a very delicious tiramisu.

F and I got to check out Julie's nursery being prepped for a March arrival. Man, they make such high tech stuff now for kids. Her bassinet had buttons that made the bed vibrate, turned on the mobile's lights, made the mobile turn, and also had white noise sounds like the ocean, crickets, frogs, etc.

On Sunday I met Mary, Jo, and Chrissy for some lady time at Java Jack's. By the time I had left my cheeks hurt from all the laughing. Good times. :)

When I got home K was moving and shaking around the house by doing laundry, vacuuming, and just basically being awesome. Heh. I, on the other hand, lounged in the living room. I sat between two snoring pups and I was cool with that. That evening we watched "Nick and Nora's Infinite Play List" and also a documentary called "King of Kong." Watching Netflix instant movies on your tv by way of the 360 ROCKS!

**I almost forgot...on Saturday D&F dropped by with their new puppy, Loki. D found Loki at his work shop and made the mistake of bringing the girl home, because now Loki makes for the third furry child in their household. She is so darn cute as puppies usually are and she's also all/part Great Pyrenees. So, she's going to be a big girl one day.


KB said...

When I was house-sitting, I saw a commercial for those bra strap thingies ... I wanted one, but I figured it was crap. Not so, eh?

I like your dribble.

Zay said...

Kealy, I like that you like my dribble. :)

I also like my bra strap thingies too. Not once during the day do I have to bother pulling up a bra strap. To me that is heaven.


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