Sunday, January 04, 2009

T's Sandwiches Food Review

T Sandwiches, Food to Go Review

We ate the pho last night for dinner. It's been years since I've last had pho so for K and was delicious!!

They don't offer bean sprouts to dump into your soup but they did offer cilantro, onions, freshly sliced jalepenos, hosein sauce, and sriracha chili sauce). I made my soup red with the sriracha sauce and along with the fresh jalepenos K and I were sweating by the time we were done with our noodle soups.

Damn, it was good.

Now, the owner of the place is very concerned about his customers and how well they like their meals. So don't be surprised if he comes around while you are eating to ask if you like it and maybe speak to you a bit. He even likes to open the take out boxes of food you order to show you exactly what is in the box so that you will leave satisfied.

K left with an Asian Coffee Boba Tea and I guess because he's a round eye the guy just assumed he didn't want the tapioca balls. K actually doesn't mind the boba balls but oh well the asian coffee boba was good! There is actually brewed chickory coffee in the coffee boba drink so it took a little while for the owner to make it.

The summer rolls we had there were pretty excellent. They were freshly made for me before getting them to go. A lot of the times summer rolls seem dry but these were moist and good. They were also pretty big and very filled. The peanut dipping sauce was super flavorful and sweet which is how I like it.

The owner I guess enjoyed speaking with us because he also gave us complimentary spring rolls, which at this place is a fried eggroll. They were delicious and super heat hot since we got them so fresh.

**We did break from our vegetarian diet at this place. I counted this as a special occasion for myself when it came to the pho. Unfortunately, vegetarian fare is sparse here unless you are willing to eat shrimp. The vegan fare is even more sparse.

Please try out T's Sandwiches at the mall. I even heard from a friend that they were floored by how awesome the pork sandwiches were.

(they do take out so give them a call at 569-0464 after you get familiar with their menu)


Mary T said...

Resolved! Matt and I are going there today! Woot!

Zay said...

Mary! Yay! I hope y'all enjoy it as much as we did.

Hooliganyouth said...

Where the heck is this place? In Nac?

We - my fiancee and myself are pho junkies - and I am going to start making my own.

Zay said...

Hooliganyouth...of all places it's located in the Nacogdoches mall on University Street.

Hooliganyouth said...


Muchos gracias. Here's my two cents:

Anonymous said...

What's a "summer roll"? Is it the cold Vietnamese style roll full of greens & carrots & such? I like those as long as the cilantro is at a minimum. HATE cilantro aka coriander!!!!!!

Zay said... this place a summer roll is the non fried see thru wrapped roll with veggies and noodles. you are kind of out of luck when it comes vietnamese food then because they like the cilantro and so do i. :)

KB said...

I eat the vegetarian version of that at least once a month. So good. I'm so happy for you that Nac got another option. Finally.


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