Saturday, January 03, 2009

Puppies Everywhere!

This must be puppy saving month! I know it's Year of the Ox but are they sure it's not Year of the Dog??

Last week, at the end of my walk with the dogs I saw a stray in our neighborhood. The dog looked familiar. I hurriedly walked my dogs home and handed them off to K. He wanted to go back with me but I told him I needed to leave at that moment if I had any hope of finding that dog near the spot I first saw him/her.

I rushed out of the house with Toby's leash and started a jog down my street. I got to the end of my street and saw the dog with some of my neighbors. The guy was on the phone and the boy had the stray on their own leash.

I went over to them and asked if the guy was on the phone with the dog's owners? He said that he has some answering service on the phone. I told the guy if he didn't mind I would take the dog, since I was pretty sure I knew where it lived. He readily agreed and was probably happy to give me the responsibility of the stray.

I walked the stray across some lawns to get to the street that runs parallel to our's and it immediately stopped and lifted up a paw. I guess the lawn was covered in sticker burrs and the stray didn't want to walk further after I picked out the stickers. So, I lifted the small dog and cradled her like a baby and she was so sweet. She looked at me as if she was slightly unsure but was willing to trust me.

I arrived at a house and knocked on the door. The lady who answered immediately smiled and said, "I've been looking for her!" Everyone was happy. The End.

Today, K was on North Street stopped at a four way intersection. He spied a dog sitting at the intersection looking unsure and K's heart stopped and he knew immediately what he was going to do. He got out of the car and went over to the dog and held out his hand and the stray licked him in greeting. K took the dog to this one girl's house where there are usually a bunch of bulldogs in her backyard. The girl said the dog wasn't her's and she told him to go down the street and it could possibly be one of the houses there who might own the dog.

K looked down the ways and was like "hrm...Scott and Chay live down there." K knocked on their door and asked Chay, "Do you know who might own this dog?" *or something like that...i wasn't there.*

Apparently, K had a hold of Jingo. Jingo is Scott and Chay's new pup.

Yay! Another happy ending.

I think somehow K and I were given the chance to reunite loved pets with their owners because on our way home from Houston we were not able to save a pup. We saw a boxer pup on the side of a busy highway and it wasn't an area where you could just stop your car. When we think about it even now our hearts ache for that dog. So, I'd like to think that some how these furry loves were dropped into our laps to help heal that ache.


Mary T said...

You two are heroes! If Molly ever got out and we couldn't find her, I hope it would be someone like you who did. :) Hooray for Jingo and the neighbor dog who made it home and were smart enough to trust in the Mosiers!

Zay said...

Mary...we weren't quite heroes but thanks for the generous compliment. I think we were just lucky and so were the pups. :)

KB said...

How sweet. Lucky dogs to have you two near.

Chaybee said...

And lucky us for Jingo to have a superhero like Kreg. Jins was all about roaming today. Tonight he is pooped and LOCKED in the house!

Anonymous said...

You have the rare gift of finding dogs whose owners actually want them back! Me, not so much. Anyway, a paw lift is usually a signal that the dog is unsure of closing the distance between something/someone, as in an unsure dog meeting a stranger dog so it lifts its paw as a gesture that it's not a threat to the approaching dog (or human). The dog probably recognized its house but was unsure about the approach from that angle or with a stranger or on a leash or... who knows? Canine body language is a very interesting topic, there's a few great books on it if you're interested.

Zay said..., it was just the sticker burrs. we have them in excess in east texas. even my dogs won't walk in that area.


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