Monday, January 12, 2009

my weekend, yo

Weekend in Review

- I celebrated the weekend early and had a fab dinner with Marty on Thursday night. My homegirl actually cooked for me. I felt mighty special. We talked about everything we could think of and then more. Before I knew it I had to go home. Time passed by so quickly...too quickly.

- K and I met Darrell at El Ranchero's on Friday night for some dinner. D is always great company. K and I went home afterwards and watched a documentary about LARPers called "Monster Camp." Wow. NERDS!!!!

- Miss Chrissy visited with me Saturday to watch Popeye the movie. Not only is Robin Williams pretty cute as Popeye, Shelly Duvall makes a perfect Olive Oyl, but it is also a musical and pretty brilliant I must say.

That evening we had Darrell over for dinner. We had Morning Star mock burgers, sweet potato fries, and vegetarian baked beans. YUM! For dessert we had Skinny Cow ice cream sammiches. DOUBLE YUM!

We watched "Pineapple Express" and OMG that shit was funny, yo!!

- I woke up early on Sunday to dress in layers and get ready to see Mary and Merci for some outdoor skating. We all warmed up pretty quickly by skating in circles and listening to 80s music blasting from Merci's vehicle. As always we rewarded our efforts with coffee at Java Jacks. I love our Church of Skatin' on Sundays.

That afternoon I taught myself how to thread my new sewing machine! Next lesson will be to try and figure out how to wind my bobbin. Luckily, my Singer came with a DVD even though it's kind of brief but still handy.

That evening K went to T's Sandwiches and picked up our to go order of pho and summer rolls. Damn those vietnamese noodles are gooooood!


Chrissy said...

i love that food is such a big highlight of your weekends! i'm drooling right now...

Zay said...

chrissy...luckily i have as much an addiction to exercise as i do to food. :)

amy said...

"wind my bobbin" ... that sounds soooooo dirty!! hee hee hee!

Mary T said...

You moved your Thursday Mexican date?! GASP! ;) I also love that friends are such a highlight of your weekends. You're a regular George Bailey! I wish I could have been home more this weekend to get in on some of this friend fun (and food fun, let's be honest). But there's always our next church meeting. :)


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