Saturday, December 06, 2008

some ship shots

This was the name of our Fun Ship.

This is the rear of the boat or the aft and up there behind the tail was a basketball court, volleyball playing area, and adult only jacuzzi and swimming pool.

This shot was taken looking up from the main floor of the ship or on the main level/deck. On every floor were several shops and bars. There was even a club for teenagers called Club O2. K was disappointed it wasn't really an oxygen bar.

A clearer view of one of the glass elevators.

The casino continued to be a very popular place on board.

This is the Metro Bar which was one of K and my favorite places to hang out. There was a lot of activity around this part of the ship.

This is the basketball and volleyball area that I had mentioned earlier. The netted area of course makes sure the balls stay where they're supposed to be. :)

This is where the main pool with water slide is and there was a jacuzzi here. And you better believe there is a bar on this level too. There was a bar or two or three on every deck.
A night time view of several levels of the ship. It felt like a never ending shopping mall at times. Overall K and I had a great time but it is a place where they sell! sell! sell! to you at every moment. If you are curious if a cruise is for you talk to me! I'll give you the details of the pros and cons of cruise life. :)

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Chrissy said...

that is a lot of bars.

Ruby said...

great pix..even though i liked the personalized picture show on Saturday better :)

Anonymous said...

That looks all crazy and overstimulating! My kids have been begging for a cruise. We spent the night on board the Elissa that's docked right next to the cruise ships and I slept thru the ships coming and going, I was that tired.

Zay said... seemed to be really fun for kids. they were kept entertained most of the time or just stayed in the pool all day. :)

Zay said...

chrissy...all the bars, of course, had different themes...they were all decorated just so to catch your eye and lure you in.

Zay said...

ruby, thanks for being such a great audience as i rattled on about the cruise. :)

KB said...

Next time I'm coming with you.

Zay said...

Kealy, let's go!


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