Sunday, December 28, 2008

Farewell December, Hello New Year

December has been a pretty hectic month. It was full of new adventures, scary moments, and holiday fun. I don't know how January is going to follow up this month, since December is definitely a tough act to follow.

Moments from December:

- K and I went to Cozumel, Progreso/Yucatan, Mexico on an awesome Carnival cruise that was gifted to us from K's mom.

- Several days of being home from the cruise Toby got really sick, which ended up with him staying at the vet overnight so they could xray his insides to make sure he didn't have an intestinal blockage. Thankfully, he was okay and had a really bad bought of some kind of gut bug. It was a very expensive experience.

- I got horrible food poisoning two weeks after being back home from the cruise.

- Our dogs got into a bad dog fight that required Josie (the older dog) to get stitches. The wounds were very minor injuries according to the vet but getting her emergency care really helped K and I settle our nerves. Our pocket books are very light now after the two incidents with visiting the vet. *sigh* Seriously considering getting pet insurance.

- K's granny fell down while home alone and is now in a rehab facility to make sure she is strong enough to get around on her walker.

- K, me, and the pups went to Houston for the Xmas holiday. We had a great time with his parents and seeing the family on Xmas day and getting to visit with K's granny while she was out of rehab for the day.

So, now I'm interested in what January has in mind for us. Hopefully, it only deals with much happiness, good fortune, and good health all around.

Happy Holidays, Y'all.

*I feel like I left something out.

**Oh yeah. K got a new tattoo this month!


KB said...

January is going to be great. I can feel it.

Anonymous said...

What incited the dog riot?


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