Monday, November 10, 2008

a deep down good feel

It never fails to surprise me how much stuff I can fit into either a week or even a weekend. Unfortunately, it's hardly ever productive stuff. I'm okay with that, though, because at least I'm living.

I was able to have a girl date this week with Miss Marty. We rarely see one another unless there are moments of ado that involve large festivities and many friends. So, it was ever so pleasant to have her all to myself. I'm looking forward to future dates.

I went garage saling with my aunt, cousin, and G. It was a great hunt for me this weekend. I found:

-a huge bolt of upholstery fabric that will probably cover my whole chaise lounge...for...wait for it...3 DOLLARS!!
-an orange and white patterned fabric that will probably be enough to cover my dining room chairs...for...50 CENTS!! (same garage sale from above)
-a large bag of brand new yarns for $3 (this lady also gave me two huge things of fleece for free!)
-practically brand new Doc Marten sandals for $3

I have never been to so many garage sales on one day where there were tons of fabrics. We must have gone to about three or four homes that had a large selection to choose from. We ended our hunt at an estate sale and there were so many neat things but they were all heavily priced.

It's been a long time since I have done a downtown Art Walk, but I did so this weekend with the aunt, cousin, and J. We took a card around to all the opened galleries to get them signed and entered into a drawing. I filled up on all sorts of cheeses, olives, desserts, and hot apple cider. The weather was great and almost felt like a fall night.

I ended up over at the aunt and uncles'. K was there since he and the uncle had dinner together. It was a really nice evening. By the time we were heading home around 10 or 11 something I had gotten a text from Mary. Something about karaoke, save me, etc. I told her and Matt to come our way since we just were just down the street from where they were. We got to visit with them for a while until they got their fix of MTV. I'm sorry that I had left the channel on MTV for the duration of their visit because I feel like I have somehow tainted Mary. Next thing I know she's twittering about watching Britney Spear's videos on youtube. Ha. :)

As soon as I got up on Sunday I ran around the house getting some laundry prepared and then I took the pups out for an hour walk. K had some friends over so I got the dogs out of their hair and to wear out the white terror a little too. By the time I got back I started to steam some Japanese sweet potatoes and also made some rice. I fed D and R sweet potatoes and chocolate cake. Heh.

By the time everyone left I got on the couch and only left it occasionally for laundry, peeing, and internet surfing.

I really don't know how there are people out there who have children, work, and full schedules from Monday until Sunday. I can barely keep up having all these good times without feeling absolutely exhausted.

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KB said...

Wow! Action packed.

I don't know either. That's one of the many reasons that I don't want any more.


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