Thursday, October 30, 2008


You might think I'm drinking from the mug only because Halloween is right around the corner. However, this is my every day mug for the past year or two when I was gifted this during a past Halloween. I love this mug. Also...yeah...I know I'm a bit behind on the photos. I'm getting there.
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Mary T said...

I love this mug! I drink out of a Christmas one at least once a week! Also, I have a Christmas front door mat year-round, so I have nothing to say except cheers!

Zay said...

christmas door mat? really? how did i miss that?

B said...

Julia's got a pumpkin cup that is used year 'round. It's exciting when it's the right season for it!

Miss you, bitch.

Zay said...


Girl! I miss you too!


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