Thursday, October 16, 2008

peanut butter jelly time!

K and I have been trying to become healthier in our food choices and so far we've been doing pretty well. Thank goodness for products like Morning Star and Fantastic Foods.

We've also been buying more organic products but there have been some things that I wasn't willing to change just for the sake of knowing a brand forever and sticking to it.

However, I've gone towards an organic ketchup and really the taste isn't overly different. I like that it doesn't have all the junk in it that non-organic ketchup does have. I don't eat ketchup regularly but it's good to know that I can smear it on fries and not worry about the high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) that I'd be consuming in one sitting. Some would argue that HFCS is the same as table sugar and isn't harmful but I'd rather eat organic. I like being able to read the label and recognize the majority of the ingredients for the most part. I'm not anal about this though since I am still able to sit down and nosh on prepackaged products like Oreos, for instance. Doh!

I finally caved in on something that I didn't think I would have...peanut butter. I have eaten Jif forever and whenever I taste other peanut butters I'm just like...enh...I'd rather have Jif. I've gotten Jif's reduced fat peanut butter for probably over ten years.

Last weekend I told K to look for an organic peanut butter and as it came out of my mouth I was cringing and wondered if I should call after him and tell him I changed my mind. Instead, I bit my tongue and watched as he pulled out of the driveway feeling regretful that I didn't just go with my known and beloved product.

K brought home two small glass jars of Better 'n Peanut Butter. I looked them over with no excitement. The color was a deeper brown than I was used to seeing and I was sure it would have some weird gross oil sitting on top when I'd get around to opening a jar. It would also have to stay in the fridge after opening the jar. Great. Cold peanut butter. *barf*

I put the jars in the pantry until my beloved Jif container was finally empty. I made oatmeal this morning for breakfast and decided it would be a good time to try the peanut butter. The taste would be a bit more diluted in oatmeal compared to a sandwich. I opened the jar and was surprised to not see a film of oil on top and the texture looked a bit more goopy than Jif's pb. I swiped my finger thru the pb that was under the jar's lid and tasted it.

As the Better 'n PB hit my tongue I was disappointed that it wasn't as sweet as Jif's pb, but as I swirled it over my tongue and palette the taste developed into a rich creaminess. Hey! Not bad! I do believe I smiled because I was pleasantly shocked that I liked the all natural pb. Yes! Success!

So, y'all...I found a new pb and am pleased.


Chrissy said...

Congrats! We eat so much PB in our house that I can't rationalize not going the organic route. I also dislike when the oil is on top and you have to keep it in the fridge. We've been buying the Kroger organic brand of peanut butter, which is really good and less expensive than some of the other organic brands. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

KB said...

Good job!

I agree with Chrissy, the Kroger's brand is really good and really cheap. We don't have Krogers here and I don't really like peanut butter so it's not a big deal.


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