Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I <3 weekends

I had taken this past Friday off to help set up a garage sale. I had like two to three cardboard boxes filled with stuff. It was mostly knick knacks, candles, toys, stuffed animals, etc. Then I had the five wooden chairs and video game chair. Most of the ladies had like two to three van loads of stuff. I was out of my league. :)

I know I'm not supposed to be bringing home stuff when I am trying to get rid of junk. However, as you might have read in one of my earlier posts I did bring home some things but they are all outside so they do not count and I'm sticking to that. Also, I ended up buying a brand new motorcycle helmet for $40 when it was bought for $75. It has a full face shield that you can open or close. I'm stoked since the cool weather is approaching and it'll be nice to have a somewhat warm face as I ride my scooter. It's all white and reminds me of Speed Racer. I need the red M emblem as a decal for my helmet.

Setting up, working, and breaking down the garage sale was a lot of work. I think the Friday that I took off from work did not end up being a vacation day for me because I worked harder on that day than I probably would have at work. Heh.

I think next time I'll probably try my hand at having my own garage sale or maybe I'll remember that's crazy talk and just donate it all to the women's shelter.

Saturday was the day of the actual garage sale and I was there from 7 a.m. until about 4 p.m. As soon as I got home and sat on the living room floor K handed me the Wii controller and told me to check this out as he pulled up Dr. Mario!! I played it for about two hours straight until it was time to meet D&F for dinner. We ended up over at D&F's home for dessert. They had a huge apple pie to share and it was yummy. I love seeing the Pefad and Bitter too. I miss living next door to them and being able to scratch their butts whenever I want.

Sunday was skate day. Met up with some friends to skate all around campus. I was hoping to go for about an hour but my girlies decided it was time for coffee sooner than that and turning down coffee wasn't on my agenda. I'm hoping we all end up skating again soon. When I said my goodbyes to the girls I ended up going home just to put on my skate gear again and take the pups out. K had some friends over so Toby didn't want to stay away for too long. That little muscle head actually stopped in the middle of our neighborhood and refused to go any further. As soon as I turned back to the hosue he took off into a run to get back to the boys. He didn't want to be away from the boys who could be dropping chips or nuts on the floor for him. Ha.

Overall, it was a really nice weekend. I have been having many of those lately and I hope it is a trend that continues.

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KB said...


Sounds like your dog is a toddler.

Busy, busy weekend.


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