Sunday, October 05, 2008

Girl dates, coffee, skates, and honky tonk

I had a pretty fantastic weekend. Spending time with Angel was a rare treat and I don't know the last time I had eaten at Chili's. We talked over dinner and prolonged our outing over coffee too. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of Angel in her fantastic new glasses. She's definitely a hottie. A hottie who can now see clearly. :)

Saturday morning I rolled around in bed a bit trying to get comfortable and fall back asleep. It was around then I heard my phone ring and I ran for it knowing it was my mom calling me from Korea. I missed her call by just a second. I called the number back and the person who answered the phone was a Korean uncle of mine that I have never met and I stammered out a..."uh, um...Sonnie's mom?" Ha, I'm a dork. He didn't understand me so I said my mom's Korean first name and the phone finally made it to my mom. She's arrived safely and I hope she is enjoying her time with her family and especially her mom.

I spent my Saturday morning taking the dogs out for a skate. I urged Toby to go longer than 30 minutes this time even though he was not happy with me. However, he did last for 45 minutes so that made me happy in knowing that he wouldn't be Toby at level 15. Instead he was Toby at 10 and that is a bit more tolerable.

K and I went to Lufkin and gorged ourselves at Red Lobster. I don't know why we fool ourselves in thinking that an appetizer is a good idea. It is way too much food! We shopped at Cavender's for a few things for a Honky Tonk themed birthday party we attended that evening. Believe it or not I already owned Wranglers, boots, and concho belt. All I needed was a blinged out cowgirl shirt which I found on sale. How sweet is that? You can see the sweet as shirt down below. Kreg, on the other hand, needed a cowboy hat and that boy looks good in cowboy gear. He definitely would make his parents proud. We got home around 2:45 a.m. and got into bed by 3 a.m. I had my alarmed set for 8:45 a.m. It was a bit difficult to wake up but I made it happen because I had a skate date with Merci early Sunday morning. Even though we groaned about making such an early skate date we both enjoyed skating around campus.

We finished our date at Java Jacks, which was my second time this weekend for a fun girl date. We talked over coffees and made sure to make another skate date.

I had a chance to come home to eat a lovely brunch that K made for us, shower, and then vacuum before Mary arrived at the house. She had brought us some awesome chocolate mousse with raspberries. What an awesome surprise! After devouring such a decadent treat we got comfortable and watched "Sex and the City" the movie.

As I type this out K is grilling our dinner tonight. I must say this has been a pretty fantastic weekend.

The crappy photos below are all from my cell phone except for the very last one. Honky Tonk themed birthday parties are too damn sweet, especially when one said girlfriend wears a hairpiece and has her knockers all out there. :)

K and Pat (one of the bday boys)
Merci and Chay

Ruby as Clock Work Orange Strawberry Shortcake

My sweet ass blinged out shirt
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Chrissy said...

that shirt really is awesome!

Zay said...

chrissy, everyone asked if i had done the blinging myself...i even had someone ask me if i had embroidered the shirt...*sigh* I WISH!

KB said...

That shirt is rad.

Mary T said...

You should have said yes! They need not know your craft secrets!


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