Sunday, October 12, 2008

garage sale finds

I helped work a garage sale on Saturday and I did pretty well. I ended up selling all of my five wooden chairs plus the bulky plastic video game rocking chair. I got rid of all the bulky stuff which was pretty sweet. I also brought home some stuff, of course. However, it's all outdoor stuff so that is how I justified bringing stuff back.

I'll probably end up spray painting this neat metal votive candle lantern. I love dragonflies too so the motif is cool. Instead of votive candles, though, I'll probably look for an LED light with an on/off switch to stick inside.

Some metal vessels to maybe use as planters and candle holders or just as outdoor decor.

The last thing I brought home was a decorative bird cage. I've always wanted one for outside.
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amy said...

ooooh i love those metal vessels! good finds and nothing to take into the house, so that hardly counts as bringing things home. :-) glad to hear the garage sale was a success!!

Anonymous said...

Like the bird cage! I didn't notice the vessels were metal the first time I looked at them, they are the real finds!! Now that winter is here we can keep garage sale hunting at a free online garage sale.

Good Luck


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