Monday, September 22, 2008

highs & lows

I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night. Ugh. It seemed to have been a reoccurring theme this weekend.


+K and I celebrated Franzi's birthday on Friday. The D&F, K&I, and F's friend Kim all headed to Lufkin for some Olive Garden. We ended the evening at D&F's casa where Bitter beat me up with her crazy paws and claws, but that's her way of saying, I love give me some SUGAR!

When we said our goodbyes I was very sleepy and terribly tipsy from the birthday tequila shots.

+I took care of my Saturday grumpiness by going skating with both dogs. It went pretty well for my first time taking them out at the same time while wearing roller skates and I was proud of my pups.

+I ran two miles on Saturday and also on Sunday!

+K and I watched "Burn After Reading." I decided that it was a decent flick but I wouldn't have minded watching that one at home instead of the big screen.

+I know this isn't horribly exciting but K and I grocery shopped on Saturday and somewhat filled our fridge back up after losing most of our fridge items from the lack of juice during Hurricane Ike. It's nice knowing there is food in the fridge again.

+Movie blocked again from seeing "Sex and the City." The first time Hurricane Ike put a kink in our plans to watch SATC and the second time we were told the projector was not working. *sigh* However, this is still a highlight because I hung out with Mary & Chrissy at Java Jacks where we created our own Sex and the Coffee Shop.

+I paddled and waded down the lazy river with M & C on a lovely Sunday.


-K and I are having car troubles with our ever dependable Rav4. *sigh*

-I woke up with a hangover on Saturday morning from the birthday tequila shops from Friday night and woke up at 7:30 a.m. to talk to my mom. My mom then tells me that maybe we can talk later and I should go back to sleep. By then, though, it was too late because I was awake and grumpy.


Mary T said...

When I first read about you going down a lazy river, I was like "aww man! Sonnie went toobing! why didn't she call me?!" Then I figured out who M & C were, realized I was there, and thought "oh how lovely!"

KB said...

Sounds like the highs outweighed the lows.


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