Sunday, September 28, 2008

Book Binding 101

Last night I had hosted craft night and Chrissy led me and Amy in book binding. It was a lot of fun and Chrissy demonstrated three techniques for us to participate in. I cannot wait to get some supplies and try my hand again at making some decent books of my own. One of the stitches that we threaded into our papers looks very similar to a stitch used in moleskin notebooks. How neat!

Oh, also...I had made these tasty treats for everyone to sample: sushi balls They ended up being a bit more difficult to make than I had anticipated but I think I would make these again. The sushi balls were quite tasty.

Overall, it was a great crafting night.
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amy said...

looks like next time you'll have to do something that dizzy can do too. she looks so very interested!!

KB said...

sushi balls? i have a hard time eating any food that has the word balls in it, but if you made it I just might could love it.

Zay said...

kealy, ya know...i'm famous for my chocolate covered red velvet balls...and now i'm doing sushi balls. do you see a trend here? apparently, i like balls. ha!


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