Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

This was such a nice weekend. I had plenty of time to relax and also keep myself busy.

Friday, K and I went out to eat dinner. I was craving Chinese and we ended up at Peking's. After dinner we went home to just chill and relax aka chill'ax.

**Just thinking about Chinese food right now makes me want it again.

Saturday was a busy but fun day for me. I started off the day by talking to my mom for a while. After the call I took Josie and Toby for some exercise around the neighborhood. Toby lasted for about 35 minutes and was dropped off at the house. Josie and I headed back outside and continued our walk for another 20 minutes. We ended the walk with a balls out run for the house. I think we both ended the exercise with big grins.

K and I watched the new "The Incredible Hulk" movie. We both liked it a lot better than the last Hulk movie that had come out. This was more along the lines of the old tv show and I loved that Lou Ferrigno had a small part in the movie.

As soon as K and I got home from the movies I changed my clothes and headed back out the door to Chrissy's. She invited me to a birthday skating party and it was so much fun. I love skating at the rink. I also love birthday cakes shaped like rollerskates.

Chrissy and I stayed for about two hours and headed to my house to pick up K. Our next destination was M & T's place. It was good to see everyone and hang out. T made me an awesome pina colada and K made me some awesome Shirley Temple's.

Sunday morning I found myself sleeping in for as long as I wanted. I think I got up around 9 a.m. and it was wonderful to stay in bed for that long. I called my dad to tell him that i love him and that he's number 1. :)

I also called one of my old friends and congratulated him on celebrating his first father's day. He has a new baby daughter who was born this Friday the 13th.

K called our insurance company and got the scooter added to our policy. I was finally street legal and decided to put some clothes on and go scooterin'. I went all the way to Pine Street to visit Chay and Scott but they weren't home. I rode around campus and waved at strangers who waved at me. I mosied my way over to Ruby's and was greeted with the vision of her rear as she cleaned up her flower beds. Of course, I had to honk at her, which was the first time I had used my horn. She probably thought some pervy Sunday gawker was doing a drive by honking at her rump. was just me. :)

I also had to drive by the aunt and uncle's to show off my new ride to them too.

This evening K made some yummy veggie hamburgers and onion rings. I am overly stuffed right now and there is still the promise of either mango or chocolate sorbet. Mmm. In just a moment we're going to watch, "The Golden Compass."

I can say that I absolutely enjoyed this weekend and will be sad to say farewell to it.


Chrissy said...

thanks for being my date on saturday, and for the chat this afternoon! this weekend was definitely a good one.

also, here is a true fact for you - i went to college with Lou Ferrigno's daughter! she was in the acting program, and back then i could never remember if she was the daughter of the incredible hulk, or hulk hogan. i was not up on my hulks back then.

Chaybee said...

oooh, I'm sad that we weren't here. We were hanging with my folks for Father's Day! Let's ride soon!!

Zay said...

Chrissy: Ha! That is so cool that you went to school with the original green Hulk. :)

Chay: I was sad too but I figured you were with your parents. I agree...let's ride soon! :)

KB said...

You should start a scooter gang and ride once a month. Amy, Scott, Chay ... who else? You could have matching tee-shirts.


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