Monday, June 23, 2008

weekend highlights


-I had a scooter date with Chay to get our inspection stickers. Chay knew of a place past the skatarama that inspected scooters but because of one of my SFA painter friends I found out there is a place on North Street that inspects scooters too. So, our trip ended up being a shorter ride than originally planned. Chay was a good scooter leader and I would follow her any day.


-I wasn't feeling overly motivated but I changed my clothes and got the dogs' leashes out and took them for an hour walk. There was a garage sale on my street so each time we passed the place Josie and Toby got to see new people with each passing. Almost each and every time a new comment would be made about Toby.

"Whoa! I love those dogs!"
"What the heck is that?"
"Is that General Patton's dog?"
"Does he bite?"
"What a weird looking dog."
"Where didja get him?"

Toby ate up the attention and loved every minute of it. Josie could have cared less and urged ahead because there was a possibility of squirrels to be had.

-K had some friends over for some gaming time so I got cleaned up and headed over to Chrissy's for some girl bonding that involved eating lunch together, eating awesome mutant cookies, crafting, and drinking lots of coffee.


-I took Josie for a jog as I rollerskated. We did this for only 30 minutes since I was basically having to drag her at the end. I took the tired old girl home and went back out to skate for another 15/20 minutes before I called it quits myself. I love being able to skate at a decent speed and seeing my red-headed speed machine being able to run at my side or even ahead of me. She looks so happy and free. I'd never be able to keep up with her if I didn't have the skates.

-Chrissy and I finally made the decision to commit to watching a 6 p.m. movie on campus. I picked up my cousin, Katie, and Chrissy and we headed to campus to watch, "Enchanted." It was just as corny/cheesy as I had thought it would be but it was also fabulous! I think I laughed for the majority of the movie. There was even clapping at the end. Maybe Chrissy started the clapping but regardless there was clapping at the end. I love it when the audience claps at the end of a movie.

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Chrissy said...

Did I start the clapping? I was in a cheesy movie love daze and don't exactly remember.


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