Sunday, June 08, 2008

Scooterin' Me

Like a lot of kids I really wanted a scooter as a kid. I remember my next door neighbor, Monica, she was a Hapa like me but she was two years older and hot. She wore "Sun In" her hair and hid half shirts under her button up blouses so her dad wouldn't know. I looked up to Monica with her black eyeliner, purple eyeshadow, and blue fingernails. I was 12 and she was a goddess. One day she told me to walk with her to the park because she was going to meet a cute boy there and she needed me to go so that her mom would see us going there together. If she had gone alone then her mom would be suspicious. I felt like her wing-woman so I agreed.

We sat on the swings at the park for about 20 minutes before we saw this guy riding towards us on the grass on a red scooter. Monica made a hissing sound, nudged me, and giggled nervously about the boy. I swooned and went a little dizzy about the scooter. I think Monica introduced me to what's-his-face as I tried to maintain my cool and not pet his scooter.

From that day on I wanted a scooter. I remember asking my mom to seriously consider buying me a scooter. I mentioned that I would be 13 soon and would be able to legally drive it around and I of course would only drive it back and forth to school and like in the neighborhood possibly.

My mom actually said she would think about it. SCORE!

The closer I got to 13 we found out we would be stationed in Germany. I turned 13 in Germany. By then my mom told me there was no way that I would be driving around on a scooter in a foreign country. Aaaargh!

I am now in my 30s and I still want a scooter. I told my mom that I'm considering getting a scooter and she said, "Isn't that going to be dangerous?" I said, "What isn't dangerous?" Mom agreed and said in mom speak, "True dat." And then she said, "Oh, you are going to look so cute!" Haha. Damn, skippy.

Just like when I was 12 I told her that I would basically be driving it back and forth to school and possibly in my neighborhood. Funny how some things just don't change. :)

See my new ride? It gets delivered on Monday.

2007 Yamaha Vino Classic-brand new and sparkly


Chrissy said...

oh my god it is so cool! i can't wait to see you wizzing around all the neighborhood roads! also, wanna meet me at the playground? ;)

Mary T said...

Dreams do come true! Congratulations. This is so cute and you are going to be even more cute on it!

Pacer said...

OMG! I am so envious right now. It looks RAD!

Chaybee said...

Welcome to the club! Let's ride!!

Zay said...

it gets delivered today!!!

KB said...

And how cute I looked inspired you too, right?

I'm sooooo happy for you! You are going to rock the streets of Nacogdoches. Make sure to do the left hand motorcycle wave to the Harley riders. They love that!


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