Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Recap

Supping with friends brings me joy.

-Friday night K and I met up with Darrell at Peking for dinner. For quite a while now we have reserved our Thursday nights to have dinner with Darrell. We started this many years ago to celebrate the weekend one day early. It began with Darrell and included several of our friends. Now it's K, me, Darrell, and Franzi (when she's not in Germany as she is now). It's nice to have that night to look forward to. On occasion things come up on Thursday nights and we'll have to cancel dinner but we usually always take a rain check and catch up either for lunch or dinner over the weekend.

-Sunday night Chrissy and Nathan had invited K and I over for dinner. Miss Mary T also made an appearance and brought along a tasty salad filled with avocados, mangos, and strawberries. Chrissy slaved over the stove and made a delicious and totally satisfying meal. I was mesmerized by her gorgeous stuffed potatoes and I'm not usually a greens type of gal but her cooked greens were just perfect. There was a slight confusion in the making of her chocolate cake that involved the substitution of corn meal for corn starch but it wasn't a disaster in any way. It was a chocolate cake that had a slight texture of corn bread. No biggie. However, that didn't stop us from poking fun at Chrissy. We sat around afterwards and played a round of Balderdash. K and I called it quits around 9 and thanked our hosts and headed home. K and I finished the night by watching a documentary called, "Your Mommy Kills Animals."

Who doesn't love a parade?

-Saturday morning I woke up early to take the dogs for a long walk. Afterwards, K and I got ready to head to Marty and Kendal's. We had been invited to watch an elementary school Cinco de Mayo parade with promises of eats and mimosas. How can anyone turn that down? It was a gorgeous morning sitting in M&K's front lawn nibbling on blueberry bagels schmeared with cream cheese. The parade was short but the smiles on the kids' faces and our's were big. Thanks M&K for making another great Nac memory in my big book of Nac moments. I was disappointed to finally have to leave everyone but I had a haircut appt. that I desperately needed.

Mi Casa Su Casa.

-Saturday afternoon K's cousin Katie came over for a spell. She brought back some manga comics that she borrowed from K and she likes to come over to just hang every once in a while. She's getting to the age, though, where I think she finally realizes that K and I are boring people and didn't stay for a long time. Heh.

-Saturday evening Greg and Michelle came over with their son. Michelle had decided to restrict her diet a bit and brought over a bunch of foods that she wouldn't eat like pastas, grains, flours, etc. She's sort of on an Atkin's Diet but not as strict. It was nice to catch up with her as all the boys were in the backyard pruning trees and whatever else that boys do. K was also in the middle of baking a rhubbard-strawberry drop cake when they had arrived (this is something that my boy does...thank goodness!). So, they were just in time to taste the delicious cake. Well, everyone except poor Michelle since that was something she couldn't eat. However, Kreg did make her taste a rhubbard since he felt bad she wasn't going to join us for cake.

Your junk = my treasure?

-On Sunday I went to the fleamarket in hopes of finding clear glass plates since I'm itching to try a new crafting project. I didn't find one clear glass plate. Trade Days is the bigger fleamarket here and I just knew I would find all sorts of things, but I found nada other than a tasty roasted corn on the cob. The fleamarket that I went to last weekend was the smaller one and I found several things there but it was like a plethora of garage sale findings. The one I went to this weekend was more like a bunch of cheapy wholesale plastic crap. I guess I can check out Goodwill and the Women's Shelter and see if I can find anything there.

I ended up having an admirer. As I was looking through cell phone cases the Hispanic vendor asked, "Are you Chinese or something like that?" I said, "Yeah, I'm something like that."

HV: Um, Korean?
Me: Yes. Korean and Japanese.
HV: Ah, okay. You have very nice skin. I thought maybe at first you were white.
Me: I'm that too.
HV: Oh wow. You are very mixed, huh?
Me: Yeah.
HV: Yeah, you have such nice skin. You fooled me because I thought you were a white girl because you know Koreans and Chinese have dark skin like me.
Me: Japanese, you know, are lighter skinned.
HV: Yeah, but it's the white in you.
Me: It doesn't hurt, I guess.
HV to my aunt: Yeah, she had me fooled. She can pass for a white girl.

So, uh...He really liked my skin.

After the fleamarket adventure we headed back Aunt K's house where I took a dip into the cold ass pool with cousin K. Summer is definitely here, y'all.


Pacer said...

I love having dinner with friends on weeknights - we do it twice a week, at least and I'm pretty sure it's what keeps me sane and working.

And you DO have nice skin.

Zay said...

pacer: oh you flatterer. :)

Chrissy said...

it was so nice having you and K over for dinner! i'm going to try that cake again this week and see how it tastes when (if?) i get it right. ;)

KB said...

You are a rarity there in Nacogdoches AND you have nice skin.


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