Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Recap

Weekend Highlights:

- While relaxing in front of the boob tube I had made five pairs of earrings from my limited supply of beads. Now I'm fired up to hunt around for some new beads. I'm hoping that Hobby Lobby will have one of their awesome 50% off sales on jewelry making supplies.

- I ran three miles over the weekend and didn't die but my knees weren't very happy with me. However, regardless of how the knees felt I was happy with me.

- The hubby made me a fabulous egg bagel sammich before I left for my shopping excursion with F. F and I had a noon date to go to Lufkin. We hit all of our favorite stores and rested for a beverage in between. I did good, though, and just bought the things that I had on my list. I finally got a cast-iron Dutch oven even though it's made in China. *sigh* I think everything in Target is made in China. I also bought some new cookie/jelly roll pans at Sam's and they make me very happy.

- We saw "Iron Man" with friends and we were all pretty pleased with the movie. You never know how a comic book turned into movie is going to turn out. Sometimes it can be a disaster.

- Going to Union Cafe with D & F was nice. I hadn't been there in ages. I got one of my favorite dishes there which is the baked tortellini. It was just as yummy as I remembered.

- Hitting the Rec Center with F for our on-going racquetball date.

- Getting an unexpected visit from our little cousin K. She hung out for a little while with us.

- Baking "No Pudge" brownies and eating as many as I want because that's how I roll.

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