Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dutch Baby

I tried my hand at making a Dutch Baby Pancake. I saw the recipe on-line and it was so simple I couldn't help but to make the dish. What I didn't expect was the type of texture that is to be expected with this dish. It was like custard and also a quiche. K thought it was very similar to bread pudding. We served it with powdered sugar and baked cinnamon apples. I can't wait to try this dish again and experiment a bit more with it.
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KB said...


Mary T said...

What did I tell you? Ridiculously simple and sooooo delicious!

Zay said...

it was ridiculously easy to make...and it's great as a left over...just pop into the microwave and eat with pancake syrup...tastes just like french toast. mmmm!

Pacer said...

It looks oddly like a pizza, but I'd eat it and LOVE IT.

Zay said...

Pacer: If it had been a pizza that sucker would have been a pan pizza with stuffed crust.


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