Monday, April 28, 2008

weekend recap

Weekend Highlights

- K and I succeeded in not eating any red meat over the weekend. We actually didn't eat any meat over the weekend even though we have decided that seafood and chicken is allowed. We're by no means trying to become vegetarians just not red meat hogs and so the experiment continues.

* was per his suggestion and not crazy is that?

- Finding two dogs in our yard last night. Well, actually, Josie let off her howling siren and started to squeal and whine and of course Toby had to join in. K and I looked outside and saw a chocolate lab mix in our backyard. I turned away to look at Josie and looked back towards the backyard and saw another dog, a golden lab, in the backyard. K and I went outside and the chocolate lab came my way and seemed pretty friendly. I grabbed his collar as I scratched his ear and saw that his name was Moose and had a phone number. We hooked him onto Josie's lead and we couldn't do anything with the golden lab because he didn't have a collar on. We were pretty sure that they were buds and didn't just happen to meet each other in their wanderings. Every time the golden wandered away to investigate Moose would stomp, bark, and make a fuss as he looked at his partner begging him to not leave him. Luckily, the owner of Moose and Gunner came within 10 minutes of us calling and leaving a message. She was a very petite blonde with a high pitched voice and looked about 16. She drove up into our driveway and yelled "Gunner!" which the golden promptly reacted by running towards her and getting into the car. I unleased Moose and he happily stomped around the yard as he made lovey eyes at his owner.

I am glad that we were able to help out Moose, Gunner, and their owner because she had been driving around looking for those two rascals. We brought Josie out to meet the two boys and had to take her back in after about five minutes because I think Gunner was trying to warn her that he was about to have his way with her. Eeek! Dog rape is not allowed in my yard especially when it involves my sweet girl. And Toby...*sigh*...I wish we had thought to video tape that rascal. He was a spinning dervish and we had to take him in as soon as we had brought him out. Dogs just don't know what to think about that turkey. He is a crazy crazy dog. He was like a spinning top out there. I don't know why he does that. Maybe that is what he calls a mating dance or maybe it's just a I'm so happy to meet you that I cannot control my enthusiasm happy dance.

- Running 3.1 miles with Chrissy and Mary and congratulating one another on how cool we are.

- Starting on a crocheting project to make some blankets for the animals at the animal shelter. I don't know how long it'll take me to make just one blanket, but I'm going to try and stay enthusiastic about this as long as my hands don't fall off.

*most of the blankets will be about bath mat size and I'll make some that are bigger, of course, for the larger animals. I know I'm calling them blankets but mostly I see them being used as floor mats for the animals to lie on that hard concrete.

- Learning how to make my own vanilla extract with my crafting group. Those two precious bottles filled with vodka, vanilla bean skins, and vanilla bean caviar scrapings are sitting in a dark closet as we speak. That reminds me...I need to shake those suckers up when I get home.

- Playing racquetball with Franzi and laughing at our own coordination and skills.

Not the highlights

- Ordering a pizza for the first time in like forever and it just being kind of blah. I guess I am so used to making our own pizza now that a delivered pizza just isn't as flavorful as our own.

- Losing my patience with Toby whenever the doorbell rings. HELP ME CESAR MILAN!

- Dropping calls on my Blackjack II while shopping for groceries in Kroger. I really doubt I would have had that problem on my old ass Motorola flip celly.


KB said...

Muah ha ha ... you've entered into phase one of our plan to get you over to the vegetarian side ... muuah ha ha! j/k lol rolf asap pdq rsvp

Let me know how the extract turns out. I love extracts!

Zay said...

i don't know, my friend, because i do enjoy my meats every now and again. :)

that reminds me...i need to shake up my bottles of vanilla extract. and i will let you know in about six months (egad) how it turns out. i'm hoping it'll be the best darn vanilla extract known to man.

Mary T said...

I think you should change your blog name to "the humble humanitarian," because you're just so nonchalant about what a great person you are--crocheting for the animal shelter, helping out lost dogs, inspiring others to achieve their fitness goals. Then again, calling yourself humble might not be exactly right. Still though, I will think of you as the HH.

Zay said...

Mary T: aw shucks. :) *blush*


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