Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Family Heirloom Curses Your Root

My Halmoni (Grandmother) gave this bottle of ginseng liquor as a gift long ago when my parents were newlyweds. My dad always had plans to open this bottle and have a drink when he retired from the Army. My dad didn't have the heart, I guess, to open the bottle since it had been with us from the start. Dad gave the ginseng liquor to K when we were newlyweds. K had the intention of opening the bottle when he graduated from college. The big day came and went and the bottle still remained intact without a drop missing. K, too, didn't have the heart to open the bottle. Unintentionally, this gift had been turned into a heirloom.

K and I think it is best that maybe the drink has stayed untouched because we are almost convinced if anyone dares sip from the aged root that they will keel over dead. As the root has aged quite nicely in the liquor I am sure it is quite potent by now. The traditional use of the ginseng root as an aphrodisiac could possibly take a grown man out by directing all the blood from the body straight into his root.

I think I will reposition the bottle near the mummy to keep guard over the brew and to warn all that a deadly curse could fall upon them if they dare drink it.

Plus, I figure the stuff tastes like shit.
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Chrissy said...

i think that's the best family heirloom story i've ever heard.

Pacer said...

Me too. It's a lot more interesting than say, Rookwood Pottery.

KB said...

I have never even heard of ginseng liquor. I bet it gives you the energy to dance all night.

Jc said...

This is so great! Good to have the mummy protect it too.. a valuable item indeed!

Denise L said...

Great tale. Your heirloom has taken root.


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