Monday, March 17, 2008

a new day

Well, I have been away on vacation for two weeks. My parents came to visit for ten days which was very nice since I don't get to see them too often and they live so far from me. My mom cooked just about every single meal every day and also taught me several Korean dishes.

We didn't do a ton of exciting things because my parents are pretty easy going and liked just hanging out in my home, which was the first time they got to see our house. It was nice to have plenty of space and plenty of bathrooms which hasn't always been the case.

The times that we weren't stuffing our faces we did watch several movies at home and also saw "10,000 B.C." at the theaters. We shopped quite a bit and ate out maybe three times. K and I took our first trip to Bossier City with my parents to see Cirque du Soleil at the CenturyTel Center. That was definitely a worthwhile trip. We even happened to pass by a Korean grocery store in Bossier and we had to stop, of course, and check it out. It was a very small store but it actually had everything that I could think of. My mom played her first video game ever on the wii and used proper bowling form in the middle of our living room.

I am now back to work this Monday and I guess life will become routine again. I'd rather still have my parents here but I like routine too.

Yesterday was our last day of freedom so we made it into a Sunday Funday at the MRTs. Miss M recounted her celebratory news of getting a new job. Mister M cooked a mean brisket. C told of her adventures with llamas as N laid out his woes about doing homework over spring break. C&S with R in tow added to the mix and all I know is that I had a grand time. It was a gorgeous day for a bbq...that's for sure.

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