Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my load

I had to of course call my mom this morning and see how my parents were. They were tired and getting ready to pick up their dog, Annie, from my aunt's house.

Their flight yesterday was delayed by three hours and when they finally boarded they were to sit on the plane for another hour and a half before taking off. I guess it could have been worse. There were many people who had been stranded at the airport for three days straight. There were many cancelled flights and much longer delays than the one my parents experienced. I was thankful they got home in one piece and made it home in one day.

I ran to Lowe's today with K and we got a couple of things we wanted and needed. The main reasong for going was to get a garden cart of some sort.

We wanted a metal one that could hold up to 1200 lbs but then we decided that was pretty much overkill for what we needed. So we got this instead:

It is also a dump cart too so you can unload whatever it is you're toting around. So, no pretty red wagon or yellow metal utility mother of all garden carts/wagons but this cart will do the trick just as well.


Mary T said...

You can always paint this one festively, or load Toby and Josie in it wearing bows. That will greatly add to its attraction!

Are planes ever not delayed anymore? Seriously, I can't think of the last time I've been on a flight that has taken off on time and without significant frustration. Plus you have to get there so early. Rawr! I'm glad your parents made it okay though.

Pacer said...

That thing looks really, really cool. It's like a cross between a wagon and a wheelbarrow!

Zay said...

Mary, actually my garden wagon is actually a kelly green color. (go Iron Maidens! :) Heh.)

Pacer, it is exactly that! I love it!

KB said...

It looks like the wagon version of my scooter, Rufus (RIP). I love it!


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