Monday, February 18, 2008

weekend highlights

Friday afternoon/evening:

I had left work at 3 since my boss was nice enough to shut the office down early for the day. Plus, our HQ had a four day weekend for President's Day so we figured the coast was clear to call it an early day. K left campus with me and we headed home to be greeted by all the furry children who squeaked, barked, and mewed that it was definitely time to be fed. They get so confused when we come home early. I thought animals were supposed to have good internal clocks. Not my guys. :)

In the evening I had plans to be back on campus and attend Bill Clinton's speech. I attended with my girlfriend, J, and boy was it rough. It seemed that our university was not prepared for the popularity of the event. It was a cluster f**k. We waited in line for a little over an hour, which I guess isn't out of the ordinary. However, you should have seen the line. It was so confusing where the end of the line was and I didn't even realize that our student center went so far back into no man's land. When it was all said and done we waited for over two hours for Clinton to finally get on stage. We didn't even stay for his whole speech. We were soon going into our third hour of being there and I had enough. It was exciting to be a part of that whole adventure. I came, I saw, and that was enough for me. Thanks Bill for coming to Nac!

Saturday morning:

I met up with Chrissy at the Rec Center and we had a great workout. We chatted and laughed all the way through our workout which helped us immensely get through running two miles together. We even had to do a cheesy high five at the end to congratulate ourselves. :)

Saturday afternoon:

I made an appt. for K and I to get a same room couples' massage. It was awesome! It hurt so good. We really enjoyed ourselves and we really liked the father and daughter team that were our massage therapists. They are good people with strong hands!

Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and then bought me some clothes.

Saturday evening:

K and I stayed in our nice cozy home while it stormed like crazy outside. We watched "Trailer Park Boys" Season 3 and enjoy having a Netflix membership immensely.

I did a lot of internet surfing and followed through with some much needed embroidery therapy.


Kreg and I tackled the project of our newly rebuilt brick mailbox. We lined the mailbox with extra brick the masonry guy left behind. After we were finished we hauled the rest of the bricks behind our house and that was a strenuous chore. That would have been a perfect time to own of those nifty garden carts.


Pacer said...

I haven't stopped thinking about that garden cart since you posted about it!

KB said...

I want a massage. I've been dreaming about massages. I'm so jealous.


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