Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A step up...

When I got home after work on Monday I checked our front stoop in hopes to find a package. A package was there waiting for me. I was giddy and quickly brought it inside.

This is what was inside:

I saw one of these at M's house and was mesmerized. I remembered using these types of stools in my elementary and middle school libraries. I loved how you could kick (Kik, natch!) these suckers around and how they'll lock down as soon as you stand on them. What a perfect kitchen accessory. I have a fold out step ladder, which I hate and am currently using as a computer chair (so ghetto, i know).

So, thanks M for reminding me about these "vintage style yo' granny has one too" stepping stool.

1 comment:

Mary T said...

Get ready for some nauseating puns:

I can't help that I like to kik it old school.

Oh yeah. I am flattered you like my granny style!


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