Thursday, February 28, 2008

My mission...

-dust furniture including ceiling fan blades
-clear out the guest closet as best as i can so that the parents can hang their clothes and use the drawers available**all their clothes fit nicely and i had enough hangers which was surprising since they brought a lot of clothes
-clean kitchen counter
-pop off oven knobs and clean
-dust wainscoting
-clean all mirrors and glass faces
-dust hanging decor and photos on the walls
-rearrange foods and wipe shelves inside fridge
-wipe down bathroom counters
-mop bathroom floors
-mop kitchen and laundry room floors
-scrub toilets
-make up the guestroom bed
-move some boxes into the attic
-vacuum one more time before leaving for the airport
-shave all animals so that there are no hairs to be seen (j/k)

1 comment:

JC said...

I'm sure you finished this list by now *grin*. I hope the visit is going swimmingly!

Love you all,


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