Thursday, February 07, 2008

I had the blues...

Today has felt so immensely looooooong and never ending.

I woke up feeling a bit blah and after showering and fixing my hair wondered how my hair could look better wet than blown dried. I guess I am so hair retarded that after my fine touch with brush and blow dryer I can manage to somehow wreck my cute hair cut.

I think I am just having an off day.

My evening, though, seems to be making me feel better. I had an early dinner out on the town with the hubby and am now home in my comfies. Soon I'll be watching "Lost" and drinking hot tea.

And even better...I received a mixed music cd from Kealy today. That girl has great timing when it comes to curing the blues. It's just the little things, I tell you, that can change a person's whole day.

1 comment:

KB said...

I'm so glad that I can help to make your day brighter! I wish I could say that I did that on purpose, but I'm not that good yet.


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