Wednesday, January 30, 2008

we are sheep

Well, we've joined the bandwagon and have received our first dvd's from Netflix. We have sometime in February to cancel if this is not for us. How can you turn down a service, though, where you ask for a movie and it is in your mailbox in like 2 days?

Our first two choices were: Grey Gardens and Trailer Park Boys, season III.

We have yet to watch 3 10 to Yuma, which we rented from Hastings. I'm sure we'll be doing that soon. Most likely we'll do it tonight since it's our free night. Thursday night will be spent with D&F doing our usual thang that we like to do. Friday night we'll be MRTing to our hearts' delight.

3 10 to Yuma is due Friday so that means we will have a movie date night in our living room this evening.

And you see...that is the great thing that I like about Netflix...NO DUE DATES!


Mary T said...

A word from a sheep peop: you will be glad you did. MRT and I have been netflixing (individually and then together) for 3+ years now and we've never looked back. Blockbuster-B-Gone! :)

J said...

I check my monthly cost against the # of movies we rent from Netflix.. typically we're paying $1.73 per movie..


Welcome to the herd!


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