Monday, January 21, 2008

I has kuppkack

(photo provided by the hubby)
Josie works hard for her doggy cupcakes.
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KB said...

She works hard for the cupcakes ... so hard for the cupcakes. She works hard for the cupcakes so you'd better treat her right.

Chrissy said...

no matter how hard i try, seamus will not allow me to balance treats on his nose. somehow, his tongue always gets in the way. that is one talented pup you have there!

Mary T said...

This is so amazing. I can't even balance a bone on Molly's nose without her spinning her head around and giving me a "whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?" look. And don't even start with cupcakes. Good show, Josie!

J said...

That is amazing! Wowsers! Talented pups you have my dear, very talented..

Zay said...

Toby wasn't left out so don't fret but there were no photo opps regarding him and his cupcake. I had Toby balance his on his head for five seconds and then gave it to him. He is still a young grasshopper and must learn more patience. :)


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