Monday, December 03, 2007

weekend recap...

Where did the weekend go??

Some highlights from my weekend:

Friday - I picked up C and we headed for the MRTs for a bit of crafting. I had the pleasure of meeting two friends of the MRTs' and also partake in a vegetarian lasagna that the Mister put together. We crafted our little hearts out and finally said our goodbyes around 12:45. I drove sleepy C home and took myself straight to bed as soon as I got home too. I had to wake up in about 5 to 6 hours to call my mom for our usual Saturday morning chat.

Saturday - I met my client out at the track and we had a good one hour walk together. I rushed home to shower and K and I headed off to Lufkin to catch a movie, "The Mist." The movie was actually a pretty good depiction of the Stephen King novella.

K was patient and helped me find a new purse at the mall after the movie. I had bought a purse not too long ago and actually spent decent money on it only for it to end up being an embarrassment. The purse has a sheen to it that is shedding from the purse. So, every time I place the purse on a counter it leaves a bit of itself behind every where I go. It's like having purse dandruff.

Afterwards, we went to the land of cheap and plenty...Big Lots. I found xmas ornaments there and also xmas LED lights but no xmas tree. Well, the xmas trees they had for some reason did not have the Big Lot prices that we so adore.

We spent most of our day in Lufkin that by the time we got home we only had a few hours to just lie around and love on our furry children. We knew that the xmas light parade was going on downtown and knew it was finally over when we heard the fireworks go off. When we couldn't hear the fireworks any more we freshened ourselves up and got ready to attend a little get together at a friend's house.

There was wassail and rum, many desserts, and plenty of friends to just sit and chill with outside on the lawn. The night was just cool enough to feel comfortable without a jacket and even better there were no mosquitoes to eat me alive.

Sunday - K left the house with a list that requested grocery items and also household items. Some of the household items included a shop push broom and an xmas tree. K did not disappoint and brought home all things listed including the xmas tree.

*This is the first time in like 12 or 13 years that he and I put up a tree. Our first xmas together as husband and wife we did put up a tree. We lived in a trailer and it was plenty big for us, which is always the case when you are newly married. :) Soon after we arrived in Nac and lived in an apartment for quite a while and did not have any room at all for an xmas tree. Our last place was a good sized home but the lay out of the living room made it a bit difficult to place an xmas tree in there, so I always just put up our 2-3 ft. fiber optic xmas tree.*

Later in the afternoon I prepared the living room for my client and I to do some weight training together. When she left I immediately opened up the xmas tree box and started to put it together and was soon joined by K, the puppies, and the cat.

*I know, I know. You people out there who insist on real trees and who are disgusted by artificial trees can suck it. I have three animals, yo. Dizzy, the cat...I would spent most of my time trying to protect the tree from being eaten by my plant hungry cat. Josie, the pup...She would probably choose the tree as a good hiding place and would comically knock the whole thing over. Toby, the other pup...He would probably first lift his leg on the tree to mark it; he would then eat a good chunk of the tree and would then puke it up underneath the tree; he would then see Josie hiding behind the tree and run to attack and goose her; and then as I predicted Josie would comically knock down the tree as she tried to escape the crazy white terror we call Toby.*

K and I got the tree up and plugged in (pre-lit tree) and filled the bad boy with ornaments. I think the only thing it is lacking is some garland of some sort. Once I think it is complete, of course, I'll post a photo.

Soon after I put up LED xmas lights on my fireplace mantel and it looks so darn suh-weet! I also have up five stockings...mine, his, and the three furry children. K later in the evening hung up lights in our big bow bay window and I must say I feel a bit xmasy now.

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i almost want a tree now. almost...


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